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Photographic Paper Profile - ICC  

Offset Digital Process - ICM Profile     


Your digital work deserves the maximum attention!

Without a consistent colour calibration is not possible to have reliable colours.

So we recommend you to calibrate your monitor to see the neutral colours:

  • To calibrate with a proper monitor calibrator (spectrophotometer);
  • In LCD or TFT monitors too bright and with a lot of contrast, you should reduce it to 30% or 50% (bright and/or contrast), before calibration;
  • Compare the monitor to printed proofs in normal equipment with colour profiles .icc., can be an option, as soon as you are aware of the differences.



On the image below, we can verify the graphic representation of colour spaces Adobe RGB (1998) and sRGB, with the insert of colour profiles used at Multicontraste, for photochemical photographic paper (RA-4) and couche paper for offset digital process.  




On the following image we have got a Print Screen of a calibrated monitor with sRGB visualisation. 



With this image we can compare with the next following ones, where we use the visualisation tool of Adobe Photoshop, checking the colour differences, between the monitor and normal variation for the printed proofs.

You may not see all the differences at the moment because of your browser’s colour.



Simulation of photochemical photographic paper profile (RA-4):





Simulation of couche paper in offset digital process:





On the above simulation we used a configuration tool from Adobe Photoshop to visualise the image with .icc profile, as we describe on the next image.


You should also verify if the colour configuration of your Adobe Photoshop or Creative Suite is correct.




You can use the following configurations, selecting Working Spaces corresponding to the input profile of your digital camera.


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