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Select one of the below questions to find out its answer.


Why do I have to register?
Multicontraste products are available only for professional photographers and this is a way to protect our customer’s integrity and confidentiality, and also our target. You will have to register so you can check for prices and place orders.
For which countries have Multicontraste available products and services?
Multicontraste is a global product supplier. We are able to supply any country. More information is given at Online Laboratory (check Shipping, available for every single product). 
Does Multicontraste provide Colour Correction and Retouching Services?
We do provide those services. Because it is a paid service, we only make those changes to the files by customer request. If the customer does not specify that wants one of those services, or both, we will not make changes at all to the sent files. It is customer responsibility to ensure that all corrections and adjustments are done and reviewed before sending.
Which type of photographic paper does your photo lab uses?
At Multicontraste, to provide the highest quality products with the best feedback, we let the customer choose the high quality photographic paper between:- Semi Matte/Lustre;- Metallic;- Glossy;- Silk.Whenever the product’s chosen is in Offset digital process, it is printed in Couche paper with 150g, 170g, 180g, 200g and 300g. 
How can I be sure that the colour printed matches what I see on my monitor?
To ensure that the colours you see on your monitor will closely match your printed product, it is essential to have your monitor calibrated to see neutral colours:- Calibrate with a proper monitor calibrator (spectrophotometer);- In LCD or TFT monitors too bright and with a lot of contrast, you should reduce it to 30% or 50% (bright and/or contrast), before calibration;- Compare the monitor to printed samples in normal equipment with colour profiles .icc., can be an option, as soon as you are aware of the differences.See more information at Colour Management.
What if I am not satisfied with my product?
We want to ensure you will receive the highest quality product that we are able to offer. We do check every order before production, for any noticeable layout concerns, but we do not check for spelling errors, design or colour choices. Before placing your order, you must agree that you have reviewed your contents. You will take full responsibility for the layout and contents of your product. If your order, for any reason, differs from your designed pages, please contact us.
Why is the Prototypes Download required?
The prototypes have got the correct dimensions, resolution and guide lines to help you on the layout and design of your products.


Why are the prototypes in blank?
The blank prototypes allow creative freedom when designing, so you can add as many images, colours and other graphic elements and enhancements as you want to the layout.
What are the requirements to send the files?
- 200, 254 or 300 dpi resolution for products made in photographic paper;- 300 dpi resolution for products made in Offset digital process;- 8-bit RGB colour depth;- Adobe RGB 1998, sRGB colour space (we can provide you the ICC profile). If you do not have a profile, the conversion will be made from the sRGB;- Files in .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, .zip format (doc, txt, xls with more info)- 25 character filename limit;- Do not use special characters on the file name, excluding hyphen (-) and underscore (_). Never use a dot (.).
How long does an order take to be processed before production?
The order will be accepted after payment. As soon as the payment is made, the production process starts.
How long does it take to upload a file through the Internet?
The upload time will depend on your internet connection speed and the size of your files.
What happens if my upload gets interrupted?
Always make sure that the sleep mode on your computer is disabled before uploading. Any problem you will have while uploading, please feel free to contact us.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We do accept Bank Transfer, Paypal and online payment with Debit or Credit card.
Can I make changes after placing orders?
Customers can make changes if the files still available at Multicontraste Upload software. This way, customers will always know when their order is waiting for production process or is being started already. Once production started it is not possible to make any changes or neither cancel it.
How will you send my final products?
Your products will be shipped by a local or international forwarder, and you will receive all the information you need by e-mail.
Is it possible to make an Album faster than in 5 working days?
Yes. We do offer a service known as 24 Hours Album. Made with different techniques, the Album can be done in 24 Hours after payment and be sent it to you on the day after. This service has an additional cost depending on the product, available on our Online Laboratory.
How do I know the prices of the products?
All prices are available, after login, on our website at Shop – Price List.
How do I know the correct sizes to do the Album Design?
We have got available at Prototypes Download, blank pages with guide lines to help you designing your work. Just choose the type of product and its size and you can do a free prototype’s download.
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